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KWADRON® Curved Magnum

KWADRON® Curved Magnum

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KWADRON® Curved Magnum

Razor-sharp, flexible long taper needles, grouped together with the highest possible precision. The KWADRON® Cartridges feature a needle stabilising system which ensures optimal performance of your needles. The tips are made from a medical grade plastic, so friction between the needle and tip will be minimal and your needles will stay sharp.

  • Configuration: Curved Magnum (Soft Edge Magnum)
  • Diameter: 0.30mm(Bugpin) - 0.35mm(Standard)
  • Long Taper
  • Box of 20 pieces
  • EO Gas sterilised


KWADRON® Sublime Curved Magnum

Sublime Magnum cartridges are the latest tattoo cartridges developed by KWADRON®, designed to make work easier for tattoo artists while maintaining the same excellent quality.

The main difference between the Sublime magnum cartridges and the original KWADRON® magnum cartridges is a new system that allows the needle to glide flat against the base of the tip, meaning the needles will not twist or bend during tattooing. This results in a significant improvement in precision.

KWADRON® has also added a special surface to the interior walls of the cartridge tips for better and more even ink flow, yet with no splash back. As with the standard KWADRON® cartridges, the Sublime versions feature a unique needle stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance of your needles, as well as a full membrane to prevent ink backflow

Key Features: 

  • Configuration: Soft-Edge (Curved) Magnum 
  • Needle stabilizing system
  • Diameter: 0.25mm
  • Full Membrane
  • Long Taper
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Exceptional ink flow
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Box of 20 cartridges
  • EO Gas sterilized
  • 20 Cartridges Per Box
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